Twin Tail Day (ツインテールの日)

Rejoice Twin Tail Fans! Today on February 2 is Twin Tail Day (ツインテールの日) in Japan, which was officially declared by the Japan Anniversary Association.

The reason why February 2 was chosen to celebrate the popularity and adorableness of this particular hairstyle is because of the reoccurring number 2 in the date (2/2), which bears the connotation of “twin” in Japan.

A year ago the Japan Twin Tail Association launched its official website aiming to spread the fun in pigtails. Last November the Association published a photo album titled Sunny Day and Twin Tail containing over 200 pages dedicated to cute girls wearing their hair in pigtails. Currently the site features images of models wearing different styles of twin tails and even a shop with twin tail themed shirts.

Twin Tail Day
A gorgeous photo of Sano Hinako! (More photos here.)

ツインテールの日 女の子 by sesame on pixiv

Source: 0taku, Japan Twin Tail Association, image from Japan Twin Tail Association © twintail-japan photo by KanFuruya

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